Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Home

Have I ever been busy this past week !
( not an excuse for not blogging ... well... maybe )
Tuesday Hubs and I headed south to Des Moines
for our " orientation" into Booth Vendor-ship at the Brass Armadillo.
You may remember  ,
with the cold weather in the frozen tundra of the Trailerhood,
I had quit having my bi-weekly sales.
I also hadn't been happy with my sales in Mason City.
And I had quite a bit of inventory left.
So my new goal was to find a new home for my junk.
Then came my EPIPHANY !
( don't you love that word ?)
 Em and I had gone to Des Moines a while back for Junk Jubilee,
and since it was kind of a "junkin" weekend,
we decided to check out the Brass Armadillo.
 we had a very cooperative tour guide /chauffeur,
my good friend Rhonda.
I fell immediately in love ,
isle after isle of vintage- antique - junk - stuff !
H*E*A*V*E*N !
Even Em was impressed.
 Which makes Mama happy ,
 because she despised going to antique malls with me when she was younger .
( She said they smelled bad )
Both Rhonda and Em thought this was the place I should be with my junk.
I needed very little encouragement ...
Up to the desk I went to enquire as to what I needed to do to become a vendor.
My heart sank...
there was a 2 page waiting list to get a space.
The lady told me it would probably be March before something was available.
Imagine my surprise when shortly after Christmas I got a phone call
from Toni at the Brass Armadillo wondering if I was still interested in a space !
Ummmm.... YES !
On Friday we loaded the trailer with a lot of my leftover inventory.
I had seen my space on Tuesday ,
and had arranged and re-arranged my booth
100 times in my head ....
but, of course, that's not how things work .
( or is it just me ? )
First order of business was to paint.
The previous vendor had a very bright yellow on the walls.
While I love a "pop" of sunshine ,
this was a bit overwhelming.
Yikes !
But when we arrived , we discovered there had been a roof leak,
(Thanks to winter ice build up and recent 50 degree days )
right above my booth and the one next to it.
It was still dripping a bit and the repairman wasn't coming till Monday.
But between one of the employees and my ingenious Hubs,
they came up with a temporary solution and the make over began.
Thanks to my friends Rhonda ,
we had it painted in about a half hour !
We made several trips with "stuff"
 and the "fun" began.
( the temps had of course dropped back to the "normal" teens ...brrr )
Again ...
Thanks to Rhonda !
( and the empty space next to us that we commandeered )
There is NO WAY we could have gotten it all done without her .
She has a great eye and with both of us on the same page,
Hubs didn't stand a chance :)
In progress...
" Making Home" has found a new home !
A little bit re-purposed,
a little bit vintagey junk.
And a whole lot of funky fun !
What  better way to begin a new year
than with a new adventure !
Long term goal...
keep it fun and full of beautiful junk ...
Keep calm and don't FREAK OUT !
May be easier said than done...
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