Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C25K Update

No Wordless Wednesday with Addie this week.
My little Princess had the flu last night,
so her Daddy stayed home with her today.
It kind of threw my whole day off.

So , I decided I would give you an update on my Couch to 5K journey.
Did you wonder if I had given up?
Well, it had crossed my mind.
It seemed like just when I decided to start this journey,
Mother Nature decided to work against me.

My run schedule is Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.
On week two , it snowed on Wednesday.
Not enough to keep me from running , if you remember,
but Friday was a different story.
Definite YUCK.
No running outside.
Very muddy and VERY windy.
This isn't uncommon in Iowa in February but we have had such an unusually mild winter.
Why, oh why, did winter have to start just when I started running????
Saturday wasn't any better.
Neither was Sunday, it was much warmer, but the wind was still strong.

Soooo, I had to

wasn't easy.
I was really grumpy.
So the Hubs says to me, "come with me today."
He was going to work on the flip house ( which is not my favorite thing to do ),
 there is a fabulous paved trail right behind the flip house.
He wasn't sure how long it was or where it lead , but he had seen people using it the day before and assumed ( you know what they say about assuming) it was clear of snow.
Part of it is wooded , so it would be somewhat protected from the wind.
Instant happiness.
 off we went.
The trail was great.
But I learned a few things.
#1 Areas protected from the wind are also protected from the sun, which is what you need to melt snow.
 by the time I got to the "protected from wind" part, I was running in snow.
But I kept going.
#2 When you come to the end of an unfamiliar trail, turn around and go back !
Did I do this ?
 I came to a road and instead of turning around and running in the snow again , I decided I would stick to the road.
It had to curve around to the street our house was on right ?
Long story short ( not really but shorter than it could be ),
I ran/walked twice as long and twice as far as I had planned.
Did it kill me ?
But I sure was tired !

Then I helped Hubs and Emily paint ( which I do not like to do either )...
End of week 2 of Couch to 5K.

Begin week 3....
Are you kidding me !
 I did it.
I broke down and did something I swore I would not do.
I bought a treadmill...
I have never wanted one.
I know too many people that bought one only to have it gather dust ( or clothing) in the corner of their bedroom or basement.
But Mother Nature just was NOT cooperating with my plan.
One of my members had a treadmill she wanted to sell.
Bless my friend Linda for hanging out at work so I could go get it.
 Bless my friend Julie for driving me in her Suburban to get it.

Back on schedule !

First run of Week three was done on my new treadmill.
Here are a couple things I learned.
#1- Running on a treadmill is very different than running outside.
( Duh, right ?)
# 2-  A sweatshirt is not needed when I run inside.
(again , DUH! )
#3 - They put water bottle holders on those things for a reason !

All in all , a great start to week 3.
Take that Mother Nature !

just breathe.

Which do you prefer?
Running ouside or inside?
Not running at all ?
I'd love to hear .

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Today I am sharing a bit of Easter ( Spring ) decor.
You know about my little tree ,
you've seen it before , here and here and a few other places...
I quite love it .
You've seen my cloche collection before too.
I use them quite a bit also :)

My Mom's friend made these ceramic eggs every year for my kids.
When they left home I gave them all of them except one.
Last year , I had two made for Addie , Sarah and Ryan.
I had two made for each of them , so they would have them at their homes too.
Ryan still wanted to know why Emily had so many more than he did.
She said it was because he had only been in the family a couple of years and she had been in it her whole life !
 LOL! Love that girl ~

I got these cute little egg cups at a thrift store a couple weeks ago.
Cute huh?
You know I have a thing for birdies.
Speaking of which ,

See those cute little guys under glass (cloche )?
$1.25 - LOVE them !
Obvisiously , I bought them ....
The picture was  purchased several years ago. ( junk store , of course )
It makes me think of spring.
It had a horrible, wooden, scuffed up frame.
I'm embarassed to say , I JUST painted it.
What took me so long ?

Love it white.
Much better....

But my most prized possesion ( for Spring/ Easter ),

This ceramic bunny belonged to the hubs Grandma.
It was made by her sister, his Great - Aunt.
It sat on their TV year round.
Somehow, I was lucky enough to get it.
It is very special to me and I love having him on display .

I've got a little more for Spring/ Easter,
but it's outside.
And it's been yucky out there,
so I will wait to share it with you till it is more pleasant out there.
Hopefully that will be before April...

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirsty Thrursday... Homemade Limoncello

I have been obsessed with Limoncello since the first time I saw the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.
Then Rachael Ray was always talking about how her Mom loves it.
I just had to try it.
I was so excited the first time I found it.
It was rather expensive , but I had to have it.
It was VERY syrupy and not very lemony, not at all what it looked like in the movie.
Then I stumbled upon this recipe while stalking reading one of my favorite blogs A Beach Cottage.

First you wash 10 lemons.
 I got lucky one day and found a bag of 10 at Walmart for $2.50.
Mine were not organic, so I soaked them for a bit in water, then scrubbed them really well.

Then I peeled them all.
How you do this is up to you.
 You just want to get the peel not the white pith ( that would make it bitter).
I used a ridiculously expensive veggie peeler I bought from my niece when she was trying to make money in college.
(I really do try to be a good aunt...)
I tried a paring knife first , but I felt I was getting to much of the white.
Evidentally , my knives are all dull ....

Put all the lemon peel in a glass jar  that you can seal and cover with 3 cups of vodka.
Again , your choice of brand.
I used cheap stuff.

You will be left with a bunch of naked lemons.
I made lemonade with mine.
My family LOVES fresh squeezed lemonade.
I've also read ( at A Beach Cottage, I think ) that you can slice and freeze them.
I have not tried this, but it sounds like a great idea.

Let the lemons and vodka sit for a week or a little longer.
This makes the best lemon vodka EVER !
Anywhoo.... (again)

Once they have steeped long enough and you are ready to make your limoncello,
put 3 cups of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
Turn the heat down and add 3 cups of sugar.
Stir until the sugar is dissolved and becomes a thin syrup.

Strain the vodka into a bowl.

Add the simple syrup.

I stirred mine gently together with a whisk.
Then I poured it into recycled wine bottles ( I always seem to have plenty , hmm..)
Now I don't have a funnel and I thought it would pour just fine from my bowl.
I was wrong.
And I did not want to waste one drop.
I put the wine bottles in the sauce pan I had used to make the syrup to catch any wayward drops.

Worked like a charm.

I ended up with the 3 full bottles and a small amount in a fourth bottle.
Now, you must let it sit for a few days to age.
I know, I know , this is the most difficult.
But really , you must.

Here is the original recipe from A Beach Cottage.

Beach Cottage Limoncello
10 lemons (unwaxed & organic are best)
3 1/2  cups white sugar ( I'm not sure why, as the instructions call for just 3 cups)
3 cups water
3 cups vodka

You really should check out this blog.
I never miss it.
There is something about looking at her beach when we are in the dead of winter that just sooths me.
Plus she ( Sarah ) is HILARIOUS !

You can drink your limoncello straight , on the rocks, very cold.
I like to mix an once with an ounce of sweet tea vodka and an ounce of sour.
Shake well, and serve in a martini glass.
the possibilities are endless!

Warning - it is very sweet, if you don't care for sweet, sugary cocktails, but love lemon like I do,
just do the first step.
It's like lemon vodka sun tea !
I will defiantly have some on hand at the river this summer !

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Wordless ( almost) Wednesday with Addie .... and Week 2 of C25K

I know today isn't Wednesday.
I couldn't get my stupid blog to work last night.
What was up with that?
Pretend it's Wednesday ... OK ?

I ran (jog/walked) in the SNOW !
I was afraid I was gonna slip and break a hip ...
But I ran ( well , walk/jog ) anyway and I didn't slip.

By the time I was done with my shower,
the snow had stopped and was all melted !
Go figure....

My little Princess was also out of sorts.
It was just THAT kind of day!

She did let me get a couple pictures.
She said "nothing to play with Grandma"
And I said " you have TONS of toys to play with Addie"
She decided to draw on the chalkboard.

Colorful swirls....

The artist and her work.

We had to drag all of her "baby" toys out of the closet !
I said " Addie why are you being so difficult"
She said " I not difficult, YOU difficult"
Does a two year old even know what difficult means?
I'm pretty sure this one does.
Hurricane Addie hits the Trailerhood.
Damages still being assessed.....

Stay tuned for today's " Thirsty Thursday" post.
Unless it doesn't happen till Friday....

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Run , Forrest, Run

I have been going back and forth this week about whether to blog about this or not.
I guess, I have decided I will .

On one hand , I wasn't sure I wanted to share.
You know how sometimes you want to do something,
but you're afraid if you tell people and fail , what they will think?

On the other hand , I knew I needed the accountability of "putting it out there."
You know,the whole ,  " it's not a goal till you write it down or share it with someone " thing.
Heard that before?
Uh huh, well, it doesn't make it any easier.

I have a secret.
Ready ?

This week I started the Couch to 5K program.
Heard of it ?
If not, you can check it out HERE.

Now , don't get me wrong.
I am NOT a couch potato.
I own a Curves and workout 3 times a week , plus Zumba once a week.
But let me tell you something,
RUNNING ( or in my case JOGGING ) is a COMPLETELY different story !
I have great muscle tone in my legs ( not bragging, just a fact , and I have worked hard to get it ),
but I was concerned because #1 , I have NEVER been a runner , EVER.
I was more like,
Pinned Image

and because #2 - I am no spring chica.
Being on the upside of 46 ( YIKES ), was it too late for me to give this running thing a try ?
Would my old knees whine?
Would I all of a sudden develop Plantar Fasciitis ( feet problems for those of you who don't know someone with it, but I think everyone knows someone that has it , and it hurts ! ) ?
And I have bad hips, how would they be able to take it ?
All good questions, but also just excuses to keep me from trying.
One of my biggest pet peeves ( and  believe me I have a lot ! ) is excuses.
When it comes to excuses not to exercise ,
some days.....
So I talked to people I love and trust that run.
Spencer ( my beautiful niece you have read about many times ) said when she ran her first marathon there was a 60-70ish ( I don't remember , older than me anyway ) year old man that ran with her and he didn't start running till he was 50. ( I'm  not quite there yet either ).
She thought I could and should do it.

My niece Cindy , suggested the Couch to 5K program.
Cindy is the life partner of my niece Tisha.
They are both in their 40's , both run , have both had running injuries, but have NOT given up.
I admire them for so many reasons

I googled Couch to 5K.
And I finished my first week.
3 - 30 minute walk/jogs.

I'm not going to tell you it was easy.
It was not.
But each time I wanted to stop , I made myself go a little farther.
And I finished each step.
The first day , I did 30 minutes of yoga afterward.
I was so afraid if I didn't really stretch out my old muscles, they would cease up.
And let me tell you , my quads WERE * KILLING * ME.
That was Wednesday.
Another reason , I think they hurt so bad is I ran laps in our yard.
Uneven surface , probably not a good choice for my first walk/jog.
We have a HUGE yard and I didn't want anyone to see me.
Can you say INSECURE ?

Second walk/jog was on Friday.
Quads were still sore and I wasn't sure how it would go.
I was determined pain  would not be an excuse to stop !
This time I decided to run the driveway, it is also really long and a much more even surface.
 Once I got started - they actually felt BETTER !
Go figure.

Third walk/jog this morning.
For some reason it was harder today.
I have no idea why.
But I will have a few days to figure it out.

My C25K schedule is Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.
They suggest resting days in between , and trust me , I need them.

Does this mean I will stick to it?
Not nessecarily.
I sure hope so.
But now that I have shared it, I know I'm accountable.

Has anyone out there done the Couch to 5K program ?
I would really love to hear from you if you have.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Blarney

I took the Valentines Day decorations down today.
There wasn't a lot , so it didn't take long.
Nothing like Christmas.
Thank God !

I did a little Easter, a little Spring and a little St. Patty's Day.
Today , I'm sharing the St. Patty's Day.
I really love St. Patricks Day.
Maybe cause I love all things Irish.
( Nope , no Irish in my blood , just love it )
I always make my family corn beef and cabbage on St. Patricks Day.
Well, except one year ,
I decided to mix it up a little and made Shepard's Pie.
Not a hit.
They wondered where the corn beef and cabbage was.
I haven't messed with the menu since.
Although if I could find a really good ( and easy) recipe for Irish Stew, I might.
If anyone has one , please send it my way.

Ok, Ok ....
St. Patrick's Day decorations ~

My sideboard in the entry all decked out in celebration of St Patrick.
But I had to include my pears...

When I spotted this footed green bowl at the thrift store ,
 I knew it would be perfect for my little pears.

I like milk glass.
And I like vases.
I have quite a few milk glass vases.
I found the boxwood ( faux) at HobLob,
I knew I'd find somewhere to use them :)

My photo isn't the best ,
but the little dessert glass has vines of shamrocks around it.
I think it was $1 at the junk store .
The printable in the background is courtesy of  Blooming Homestead.
She has lots and lots of free printables.
Hop over and check them out !

My thrift store dove.
( Have you noticed I've got a thing for birds ? )

Now for a little Pinterest inspiration.....

Pinned Image
The beautiful Irish countryside.

cookies --- st patricks day.
Could someone make me these?

Pinned Image

I know it's three leaves and not four, but isn't it beautiful ?

And my wish for you my friends .....
Pinned Image

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day and Quote(s) of the Week

This is my Valentine

What an unlikely pair we are.

He is the late life baby of a hard working Iowa farm couple.
His siblings were teenagers when he was born.
He was pretty spoiled by all.
Although he says they were just tired by the time he came a long , so they let him get by with anything.

I am the oldest child of hippie/ gypsy parents that could never quite decide where they wanted to live  or what they wanted to do.
We went on a lot of family vacations , to many museums and had lots of adventures in our station wagon.

He never left the farm , but had lots of "toys".
Horses, motorcycles, stuff like that.

We met in high school.
My Dad was going through his "I want to be a hobby farmer " stage.
We had rabbits, sheep , chickens and goats.
So I joined the FFA chapter.
This is when my farm boy entered my life.
And the rest , as they say, is history.

Now I'm not going to lie or be delusional.
It wasn't all fun.
Or even happy for that matter.
Babies came fast ( I come from very fertile stock ) and money came slow.
And we were very young ( and dumb).

But bottom line , we made it.
yes we would

Even though he makes me crazy on a daily basis.
It's his job.
And his hobby !

But you get to a point in you life,
 if you are lucky ,
 and I am,
 that you wake up one day wondering where the years have gone,
 only to discover that you are married to your very best friend.
and you know with complete certainty that life is good.
Not every day, but most.


Happy Valentines Day !


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