Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quote of the Week

Ok , so I'm pretty sure I was Southerner in a past life.
Maybe not a Belle , but defiantly from south of here :)
And I'll prove it .

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There are a few things on this list that do NOT suit me .
But not very darn many.

Pecan pie is my FAVORITE pie.
If it is on the menu , it is physically impossible for me to resist it.

I bless people's hearts on a daily basis.

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Addie is Darlin' unless I'm feeling UKish , then she's darlinG....

Love me some biscuits and gravy but I would rather have my chicken baked.

I haven't had my slight southern drawl for quite a few years now , but Y'all still slips out now and again.

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My favorite thing in the summer when we lived in town ( pre- Trailerhood ) was sitting on my big front porch and having the neighbors stop over ( although it was usually for wine and not sweet tea ).

I LOVE when we travel south that mac and cheese is always on the menu.
And the REAL stuff , not Kraft !

Where I live summer starts in June , May, if we are extremely lucky.
I'd be happier than a tic on a hound dog  a bird with a french fry if it started in April !

But ... here we go...
I either lost this through my many past lives or...
maybe I never really was a Southerner .
I admitted it ...
Lemon , yes..
Sweet , no..

But someday , I will
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At least for a few months a year anyway ....

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  1. That was funny! Here in Missouri....sometimes I hear...youins..instead of ya'll.


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