Thursday, November 8, 2012

Carmel Apple Cupcakes - Baby Shower Part 2

I made The* Most* Amazing cupcakes for the baby shower.
Yes, I am bragging ,
They* Were* That* Good !
Since it is fall ,
I wanted to make a "fallish" dessert.
But whenever I have a gathering at my house ,
cupcakes are expected.
Maybe even  required.
I had found a recipe last year for Carmel Apple Cupcakes
and made them,
but it was a disappointment.
Way too messy and the flavor just wasn't there.
I went to my go to sites ,
Pinterest and
Allrecipes was the best source and I did find several.
I am NOT a "from scratch" kinda baker.
I am more of a " doctor up a mix " kinda baker.
I took the "ideas" from a few and made up my own.
Most of the recipes call for the carmel on top.
That's what I did last year ...
one word , MESSY.
And I'm big on surprises inside my cupcakes
plus I wanted the carmel to be significant.
I was afraid regular carmel would melt to fast and kinda fade away,
Sooo... ( again)
I choose to use Wherther's CHEWY carmels.
They are not quite as soft , and the flavor is phenomenal.
I also wanted them to be rich and not "spice cake like".
 ( tired of that yet )
I used a Butter Cake mix.
It's a yellow cake mix but you use butter instead of oil.
Here's my recipe:
1 Butter Cake Mix
 ( I like to use Pillsbury, mostly cause of the DoughBoy on the box, plus there is pudding in the mix )
Mix as directed.
2 apples , finely chopped
( I used Jonathons but I think any tart apple would be great)
Mix the apples into the cake mix.
Fill the cup cake liners
(please use liners )
1/2 full or however full you get them, mine are never the same .
Side Note -
One of my favorite cupcake recipes Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes) says to put 3 tablespoons of batter then the peanut butter cup then more batter . Really , I am not a going to take the time to measure tablespoons of batter into the liners. Which is probably why I do not have consistently sized cupcakes. But I'm OK with that.
Then ,
 and this is the really important part,
poke an UNWRAPPED Wherther's CHEWY carmel into the cupcake batter !
Top off with some more batter and
Carmel apple cupcakes.
Almost as important as the cupcake is the frosting .
 I topped these delish little guys with a cream cheese frosting.
Not just any cream cheese frosting but a butter cream / cream cheese frosting.
Oh* My* God !
I found this recipe on also.
 I pretty much followed that one ,
 I did add more powdered sugar than was called for.
I kept saying these were the best cupcakes I had ever made.
Which wasn't good , cause I couldn't stay away from them.
But Hubs still prefers the Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes.
He's more into chocolate than me .
Make these !
Trust me .
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