Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Squirrel comes to the Hood

Ya'all know I live in the back of beyond ,
or as I loving refer to it ,
The Trailerhood .
( actually , my friend's sons named it that and it just stuck , but it fits )
I love the wild life we see here.
There is a herd of deer that come into the field across from us every afternoon.
There are hawks and bald eagles and coyotes ,
OK , I don't really like any of those ,
I am not a fan of predatory animals.
But it's the circle of life right ?
I feed a plethora of birds year round .
A variety of Finches , Woodpeckers, nuthatches,
 chickadees, a pair of cardinals and morning doves .
For a short time I can see Baltimore Orioles and in the summer ,
we have Hummingbirds.
I have two feeding stations and I go through a LOT of seed !
The one animal I have always been surprised we don't have is squirrels.
You would think they would be everywhere.
I mean they live in town ,
why wouldn't they be here ?
Then a few weeks ago ,
Fat Squirrel showed up .
This was one of those times I really wish I could take good pictures.
I made Hubs come to the window and watch him with me .
He was literally hanging upside down on my tree
with his front feet on the bird feeder ,
eating !
Then he climbed into the tray feeder .
I am AMAZED at how entertained I am by this squirrel !
I've named him Fat Squirrel cause he is just so puffy !
And I LOVE him !
I immediately told Hubs he MUST build me one of those squirrel chairs.
You know , the ones where there is a seat
 and  a screw or nail to put an ear of corn on .
He said he would ,
but believe it or not he kept putting it off.
I really think he was thinking
"here we go again "
first crazy with the birds , now a squirrel .
But bless his heart ,
he never said it .
I took matters into my own hands .
I found this little chair at the thrift store !
He had no choice then .
Not too pretty ,
but it works .
Then I became one of those people I used to make fun of.
The ones that actually go to the farm store
 and buy cobs of corn in a bag !
It took me FOR*EV*ER to get a picture of Fat Squirrel in his chair.
and not even a good one ...
Cause here's the thing .
He doesn't really like the corn .
Funny , huh ?
He would rather eat the sunflower seeds from the bird feeders.
Go figure ....
He works hard at it too .
One day he was eating sunflower seeds off the ground
and Addie said ,
" look Grandma , a chipmunk ! "
Love that !
So ,
while most sane people are buying special feeders to keep the squirrels out ,
I'm just buying extra sunflower seeds ...
I'm just the crazy bird / squirrel lady of the Trailerhood  :)

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  1. Cute squirrel and even cuter chair! I'm afraid sunflower seed is too expensive to let the squirrels have it here!

  2. Hi Dawn, I just love the squirrel chair! How cute and clever. But I'm not surprised he liked the birdfeed better. I just wanted to let you know I followed you on linky followers and would like to ask you to visit me at my blog and follow me back when you get the time. Thanks!


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