Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first post - EVER !

Welcome ! My name is Dawn and this is my lil ole blog! The goal of my blog is to share ideas ,experiences and maybe give a little inspiration on making your home a wonderful place to be.
In my life I have lived in many different homes. ( My family moved a LOT ) I always said when I got married and had a family , I would stay put , none of this moving all the time . Yea , right ! If you know me , you are laughing hysterically right now !
Anyhoo, that wasn't the case. I have made home in a ranch style house ( I HATE ranch style houses! I firmly believe whom ever came up with the " ranch style" concept , should be drawn and quartered  - I don't really know what that means , but it has to be bad - right ? ) In fact we lived the same ranch THREE different times ( this will be explained in future posts - promise) ! We have lived in a old farm house, hence forth to be referred to as "the big blue house"  and an old Victorian, aka, " the Cedar St. house ( my FAV , no one else's ,obviously) AND we once lived in THREE different houses in ONE summer - I am so NOT kidding !
I am here to tell you that you can make a home ANYWHERE ! You just need to surround yourself with the things you LOVE - that simple - really !
The three constant things that I LOVE and NEED to make home are :
1. My Family
2. My Stuff
3. My Plants
If you choose to follow my blog , and I sincerely hope you will, these are the things you will read about. So welcome again to my blog and I hope you find some inspiration from Making Home to make your home all you want it to be !


  1. I, too, have moved a lot and have lived in a variety of dwellings. I'm curious to see where you will go with your blog. It's a great idea! And there is something about having familiar things around you that can make anyplace feel like home! :-)

  2. Nice job! You can start on mine next.


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