Sunday, August 28, 2011

What is your decorating style ... REALLY ?

I just spent a few minutes taking a quiz on to find out what my decorating style is. Silly... The first question was " which flower arrangement would look best on your coffee table?" I could choose from a vase of roses ( pink I think), a vase of hydrangeas ( again pink) or a vase of red tulips. Hmmmm..... Now first of all I could NEVER have a vase of flowers on my coffee table, my husband's feet would knock it over or it would be in Addie's ( my 2 year old granddaughter) way of lifting the top to get to her color book and colors ( or just climbing in ). But here is the thing , of those choices , I would pick tulips but tulips are NOT in season! Where were the sunflowers, zinnias or mums .... ( did I mention I was a floral designer for several years ) Ok ,I degrees ... then there were questions about which shoe you would pick , which dog best suits you ...HUH? and this is supposed to pin point my DECORATING style!
Now let me stop right there and say I LOVE BH&G . Really I do . And I do get what they were saying.. Are you casual , a little fussy , country ?
 This is what my answers had to say about me - Polished Casual -You love to mix and match your favorites from several styles, so Polished Casual is the best way to describe your look. Crisp, fresh, and always comfortable, this approach anchors itself in neutral, subtle hues and furniture that isn't fussy but isn't slouchy either. Pair your clean-lined sofa with a dark leather wing chair or a weathered metal table—anything goes, but simplicity is key.
 I would say , as silly as the questions were , they got me spot-on! I surround myself with "stuff" that makes me happy , furniture that is comfortable and I really am trying to simplify ( easier said than done )
What would you say your " decorating style" is ? Are you a tulip, rose or hydrangea ? Me , right now I'm wishing I had a big bunch of sunflowers in my brown glass jug sitting on DINING ROOM table .

Till next time.....

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