Monday, September 24, 2012

Revamped Dining Table and Chairs

I've been a bit MIA lately.
Super. Duper. Busy...
You may remember I closed my resale store the end of June.
Since then I have been selling my Funky (repurposed ) Furniture at a local store.
Several friends and previous customers had been after me to have a sale here in the Trailerhood .
Since we were taking our annual girl's weekend and I wanted a little extra cash ,
I decided to have one last week .
Of course , it wasn't that easy.
I'm way too detail oriented...
So Hubs had to help me fix up a spot in the shed ( I'll post pics when it looks like I REALLY want it to) and then I had to get busy on the stack of projects that had been piling up over the summer.
This first one I did was the one that had been bugging me all summer.
It was taking up way too much room in my shed.
I was VERY happy with the way it turned out !
The table started out like this ,
It was very sturdy , just needed a little TLC.
I had found this set of 6 chairs ,
Awesome arms , huh ?
I thought they would make a happy family.
I united them with some black paint.
I prefer to spray paint my projects,
but I knew this table would get used by whoever bought it ,
so I wanted the finish to be really durable and scrub-able.
So Hubs brushed on the first two coats.
The reason I don't like to paint with a brush -
brush stokes ... HATE them !
Then , I gave it two more coats with this little mini roller I have.
Then  I was happy.
The chairs got sprayed and covered in this fabulous paisley fabric .
I'm so happy this project is done and out of my shed.
And VERY happy with the out come .
This set actually sold BEFORE the sale !
Of course , I had to do a bunch of Funky Furniture projects too...
It was a great sale.
I almost sold out !
I'm  having another one in a couple weeks ...
I better get painting !
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  1. Well obviously I'm behind on my blog reading....way behind! I love that table and chairs! You sure tied them together nicely! Those bright colored pieces sure look fun! Glad you are selling lots!


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