Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One of my favorite quotes from a blogger was ,
"white spray paint is the botox of design "
And I completely agree.
However , I would change that to just spray paint .
Any spray paint , any color.

Nothing can take something out of date and dingy and turn it into something beautiful and useful again like a can of spray paint !
For instance,
this old iron plant stand.
Popular in the late 70's early 80's.
Who's Mom or grandma doesn't have one of these hanging around.

With a face lift of Rustoleum 2X in Aqua
Much more fun huh ?

If you have been read my blog before ,
you know I will spray paint anything .
Some things multiple times.
Like Addie's steps,
the first time I painted them in Key Lime,
they were just a little too lime...
So, they became Fire Orange
My new favorite Rustoleum color !
Or this Goodwill lamp ,
I don't remember what color it was originally ,
but I sprayed it red for my bedroom'
then decided it needed a new home in the living room.
 I was trying to inject a little color in my too neutral room.
This color is called Eden and it's my new favorite shade of green.
I covered the lampshade with burlap and
A brand new lamp !
I used it on this baker's rack also .
 I picked it up for FREE on the curbside :)
Isn't it great?
AND it was FREE !

It was missing the top ,
so Hub cut a piece of left over counter top to fit .
Perfect !
And my last makeover to share ,
These maple end tables with a faux marble top.
 ( I think Formica of some sort )
Don't they look much happier Fire Orange?
I even used the same hardware,
just touched it up with a Flat Black.
Side note :
These tables and some of my other Funky Furniture pieces are for sale and can be found at
I must say , I have found a few things that couldn't even be saved with spray paint,
but not too many  :)
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  1. WIsh we had time to go to Market 124 this weekend. Alas, too far away!

  2. Wow! Don't know how I missed this, but I did! Spray paint hides a multitude of sins!! I spray painted 11 things the other day...because we finally had almost no humidity for 24 hours!! Those things look great! I think I like the plant stand the best!


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