Friday, October 26, 2012

A Dreary Week in the Trailerhood

As I said on FB yesterday,
I love living in the boonies,
but I HATE unreliable Internet and horrible cell service.
I have been unable to blog or download pictures of this weeks projects
because the wind was blowing,
it was rainy ,
plus there was lightening....
It's back up and running ( for now )
so if you're interested ,
I'll show you a little of what I've been up to this week .
We put a bigger window in the part of the shed I use for my sales.
First we had to cut the tin .
Then the wood.
Yah !
My new window !
Team work .
A bit of swearing ....
but it's in and that's all that matters.
We also purchased a wood burning stove off Craig's List to help heat the shed.
I'm pretty excited about that too.
It was actually our first Craig's List purchase.
Can you believe that ?
Well, it was.
Wednesday is Addie day.
Her Mommy forgot her bag for work ,
so we met her half way at a little park.
It was really warm yet ,
but gray and drizzly.
Addie had a great time.
She never likes to leave the "play park".
So ,
after " two more minutes "
about a dozen times .
Grandma bribed her with tootsie rolls.
And we left.
A grandma's got to do what a grandma's got to do ...
Just sayin....
I did get a few projects made this week in between rain showers.
But  , of course,
did not get pictures of most of them ....
I had made the cutest little foot stool with left over fabric from Sis's dining room chairs
( which I don't think I've shared yet either )
 Addie just loved it  and thought she needed one for her room .
I had this old one just sitting in the shed.
Time for a little make over.
I unscrewed the legs to paint them.
I have found it works really well to push them into a cardboard box.
She wanted blue fabric with kittys on it .
Huh ?
Where does she come up with this stuff ?
I found some really cute fabric that matched her room with a cupcake pattern.
You all know we LOVE cupcakes in this family ....
Not the best picture ,
but you know me ...
I also repurposed a chair for Sis for her new craft room .
Yep , you guessed it .
No pictures...
I made some wine bottle crafts
( from Pinterest )
for the next sale.
I've been working on some benches from beds...
I promise to try to post some of those pics next week.
Maybe I accomplished more that I thought.
It was just so gray and dreary here in the Trailerhood ,
that I just felt cross.
Which is my new favorite word.
I'm watching way too much Thomas the Tank Engine lately.
But cross is a much nicer word than I usually use :)
One last picture for the week.
I made this tutu for Addie"s first birthday.
She HATED it !
Now (two years later ) she loves it ....
Go figure.
Hope you all had a great productive week !
Sis and I are hitting a few local craft shows tomorrow
and stopping by one of my favorite antique stores.
I'll talk to you next week !
With more pictures .
Promise :)


  1. Oh I love that you put a bigger window in your shed! It looks great! I hate the sound of cutting that tin though! You are one busy girl! Your little stool is adorable and your little princess...beautiful! (Grandma's never have to make excuses for what they do!!)

  2. OH my goodness, she is just the sweetest thing! Loving all your imperfect pictures :)


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