Monday, October 15, 2012

A Special Changing Table for a Special Baby

I've been getting a little flack for not posting enough .
That's OK with me .
That means people like to read what I write.
And maybe miss me a little bit :)
It's not that I haven't done projects.
I've been doing tons of them.
I just haven't taken the time to blog about them .
I have one I just have to share .
Over the weekend ,
Sarah , Emily and I hosted a baby shower for my Darling Niece, Spencer.
Early on in her pregnancy ,
she had asked me to be on the look out for a changing table.
This was before her mother ( my Sis ) became obsessed with buying every baby item
at every garage sale we went to.
But would let MY niece have a plain old ordinary changing table ?
That would be a big
So I waited till I found the perfect table.
The right size.
The right shape.
And I found all that in this old sewing machine table.
It even had drawers for baby necessities.
I cleaned her up.
Scraped the loose varnish off the top.
Hubs cut a board to fit  where the sewing machine used to live,
( didn't want baby falling through the hole )
which I then upholstered.
TaDa !
I had a little issue with the drawer pulls.
As in , it didn't have any ...
new ones didn't fit the old holes .
What to do ?
I found these little white porcelain knobs.
I thought they were perfect.
Very 'babyish".
Yes ?
Here is Spencer's perfectly imperfect changing table.
In her perfect nursery.
The nursery is full of repurposed and DIY .
Which makes me one very proud Auntie :)
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  1. I have certainly missed your posts...but you know that! Love this table. What a fab makeover and what great bright colors for a baby! Great makeover!

  2. Wow! That was s clever to use a sewing table. The changing table is beautiful and I love the color and the white knobs.


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