Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf on the Shelf ? ...Nope

Everyone knows about Elf on the Shelf ,right ?
Well. I don't have Elf on the Shelf ,
but I have Elf ( or Elf Elf as my kids always and still call him ) in the Tree.
He's been there every year for at least 25 years.
Or at least since my mother -in-law gave him to my kids.
Long before I had ever heard of Elf on the Shelf.
Hubs got Elf Elf as a gift from his Sunday school teacher
when he was young.
I was wondering if that made him "vintage".
Which led me to a rather intense discussion on eBay about the validity of vintage versus antique ..
let's just say he's been around awhile.
I don't even remember how he even came to live with us...
Every year my kids would fight over who got to put him in the tree.
It was hilarious.
Oh how I wish I would have known about the Elf on the Shelf concept.
Think how much easier they would have fallen for Elf Elf watching them
rather than Santa clear up in the North Pole.
think of all the threats I missed out on all those years...
Damn it !
Not everyone loved Elf Elf though...
I just found out a couple years ago that he creeped Spencer out!
She would always turn him around so he faced into the tree.
I always wondered how that happened....
I really always thought he was kinda magic.
Case in point ,
the other night ,
 Sarah was talking about how she wanted to get Elf on the Shelf for Addie.
And I said , why buy one when we have Elf Elf?
And just like that ...
he fell right off the tree.
Really ,
you can't make this up !
But she forgot him.
I put him back on the tree.
Elf Elf has been on my tree for years,
And really.
I think we can threaten Addie with him just fine from here :)
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  1. He's pretty cute and obviously magical! My mother-in-law has a set of these same ones, red and green! I'll ask her if hers know any tricks!


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