Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pinterest and Christmas... Oh Yes

I haven't posted in a while ,
two reasons,
well, more actually ...
but two main reasons.
My little helper makes getting projects done
a little slower ...
We get distracted....
And ...
My first ever vendor/craft show.
Which , by the way,
I was VERY happy with.
Pretty sure I'll be doing more in the future.
However ,
Addie and I have gotten some decorating done.
Addie decided her "girls" ( Polly Pockets from way back )
 needed to live in my mache Christmas houses...
make snow angels in my faux ( fake ) snow .
My mache houses are one of my favorite Christmas decorations.
 These silver cake plates were a garage sale find this summer,
 they look fabulous on them
they will be the subject of a future post.
The Pinterst project eluded to in the title is this~
How to make green bottle brush trees from the craft store white bottle brush trees.
I just like saying "bottle brush trees :...
You can find my Christmas Pinterest board Here,
and the original "pin" Here.
But really ,
it's sooo easy peasy , that no instructions are necessary.
But , I'll give you some anyway.
I actually took pictures !
Not good ones of course,
but you get pictures.
The hardest part was finding the dang trees.
 I looked at Micheal's and Joann's and I thought the prices were outrageous !
Then Em found me some at HobLob.
Package of 3 for $1.99 + 30% off !
Yes, please.
My lovely assistant.
here's what you do ,
Put some water in a dish
 ( I used warm water , mostly because I don't like cold hands but also when I use bleach , I feel the need to use warm water, I'm weird like that )
Add bleach.
(Yeah, I didn't measure, just a glob or two )
Dump in the trees.
( very technical )
My Lovely Assistant says,
" Grandma , this water smells like a swimming pool . "
Yep, Addie , it does.
( Please ignore the pile of dirty dishes , we were busy doing projects)
Within a minute,
the color was fading fast.
I did have to roll them over,
they wanted to float to the top.
TaDa !
Within 5 minutes,
all white.
 my old enamel pan is now very clean and white inside !
I went a little crazy...
( surprised ? )
I bleached a lot of them !
Even some I already had that I thought were a little too "yellow".
They didn't bleach as well for some reason.
I assume it was whatever dye that was originally used on them ,
who knows...
Over all ,
Stay tuned to see how I use them all.
The Trailerhood is getting festive !
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  1. Hey Dawn! Congrats on your vendor/craft show success! I love that you are crafting with your adorable assistant! (Love her Polly Pockets too!) How fun for you guys! Nice trees...can't wait to see what you do with them!


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