Monday, March 25, 2013

Making Home's New Home

Last week was a very busy week .
Not only did I get a brand new grand daughter ,
which meant Addie spent a couple nights with us,
but we also moved our booth at the Brass Armadillo.
I loved , loved, loved our other booths ,
but there was a roof problem...
they have tried and tried to fix it ,
but it just keeps leaking ,
What a mess .
A new one became available just across the aisle
( where there is NOT a leak )
We moved.
If you are a visitor of Making Home's booth or have not visited and want to ,
( really , what are you waiting for ??? )
We are SO easy to fine.
When you walk in the front door ,
just keep walking .
We are the next to last booth on the right hand side .
You can still see our colorful booth from the front door :)
Still full of color .
I discovered when we were moving ,
I have been doing a lot of aqua pieces lately .
and I have a LOT of pink ...
and yellow ....
Hubs had to do a little construction
( see the upper shelf with the chairs ?  Yep , he built that )
He's pretty amazing .
Really .
I also had to paint ...
Oh well , it's what I do,  right  ?
You can also find more pictures of the new booth and inventory on our
Pictures there are courtesy of my bestie Rhonda.
We seriously wouldn't have gotten it all together without her .
( at least not without doing bodily harm to each other )
And by the way ,
when you visit our FB page,
feel free to "like" it , share it , tell me you were there .
I appreciate it !
MUCH !!!
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