Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meet Baby Alaina

Wednesday was the first day of spring.
I'm sure you were all aware of that .
I was too .
However ,
 I think Mother Nature forgot.
Here in the frozen tundra of the boonies,
winter doesn't want to give up.
We had a snow storm last Monday and
we are scheduled to get hit with another 1-2 inches tomorrow.
We had a drought last summer ,
so I really shouldn't complain about the moisture.
And not to sound picky or anything,
But I would rather a 70 degree rain
than freezing rain and snow .
Fussy , I know.
Just can't help it.
But ,
the first day of spring did bring new life to my family.
On March 20 at 7:37 am ,
 my second grand daughter was born .
Weighing in at 8 pounds 3 oz !
Isn't she just A*DOR*A*BLE !
Addie has been so excited for her new baby sissy .
We have been playing with her baby dolls and changing diapers for WEEKS !
She is such a good little Mommy !
And she is going to be a GREAT Big Sister !
Things have changed SO much since I had my babies,
they have such cool gadgets now.
 I think one of the best is the Boppy Pillow!
Addie can safely hold baby sissy .
( although there is always an adult close by , duh )
I just wanted you all to meet my precious new grand daughter.
Alaina Jean
with Proud Auntie Emily Jean .

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