Friday, April 19, 2013


This week has been an extremely sad week for Americans.
As we are all glued to the TV watching the horror unfold,
I have been reflecting on the events of April 19th, 1995.
In February when we went to San Antonio ,
and on the recommendation of a friend ,
we stopped in Oklahoma to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.
Sis and I had lived in Oklahoma for a few years when we were kids ,
and have always felt a kinship with the state .
It was a very moving experience to say the least .
On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a rental truck with explosives in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and at 9:02am, a massive explosion occurred which sheared the entire north side of the building, killing 168 people.
 ( copied from the Memorial website )
This section of the Memorial represents the 168 people that were killed .
Each row represents the floor of the building they were on .
And each chair represents a victim.
The first row / floor has the most chairs,
that is where the daycare was located .
This was the hardest for me to fathom ...
innocent children.
What makes a person so consumed with hatred that they have no regard for the innocent ?
I can't and won't understand it .
The events of this week and the tragedy in Boston , have brought it to the surface again.
However, when you go to the memorial  ,
you have a sense of peace ,
of a city and nation that came together to create a beautiful and lasting tribute to those lost .
The Survivor Tree.
Just a common AMERICAN elm .
It withstood the blast and stands proud still .
Engraved on the wall surrounding the Survivor Tree,
 is this quote,
" The Spirit of this City and this Country will not be defeated ; our deeply rooted faith sustains us . "
That is my hope and my prayer for the city of Boston ,
all the victims and the loved ones of victims ,
and really , all of the citizens of
OUR great country .
Peace to you all ...

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Squirrel comes to the Hood

Ya'all know I live in the back of beyond ,
or as I loving refer to it ,
The Trailerhood .
( actually , my friend's sons named it that and it just stuck , but it fits )
I love the wild life we see here.
There is a herd of deer that come into the field across from us every afternoon.
There are hawks and bald eagles and coyotes ,
OK , I don't really like any of those ,
I am not a fan of predatory animals.
But it's the circle of life right ?
I feed a plethora of birds year round .
A variety of Finches , Woodpeckers, nuthatches,
 chickadees, a pair of cardinals and morning doves .
For a short time I can see Baltimore Orioles and in the summer ,
we have Hummingbirds.
I have two feeding stations and I go through a LOT of seed !
The one animal I have always been surprised we don't have is squirrels.
You would think they would be everywhere.
I mean they live in town ,
why wouldn't they be here ?
Then a few weeks ago ,
Fat Squirrel showed up .
This was one of those times I really wish I could take good pictures.
I made Hubs come to the window and watch him with me .
He was literally hanging upside down on my tree
with his front feet on the bird feeder ,
eating !
Then he climbed into the tray feeder .
I am AMAZED at how entertained I am by this squirrel !
I've named him Fat Squirrel cause he is just so puffy !
And I LOVE him !
I immediately told Hubs he MUST build me one of those squirrel chairs.
You know , the ones where there is a seat
 and  a screw or nail to put an ear of corn on .
He said he would ,
but believe it or not he kept putting it off.
I really think he was thinking
"here we go again "
first crazy with the birds , now a squirrel .
But bless his heart ,
he never said it .
I took matters into my own hands .
I found this little chair at the thrift store !
He had no choice then .
Not too pretty ,
but it works .
Then I became one of those people I used to make fun of.
The ones that actually go to the farm store
 and buy cobs of corn in a bag !
It took me FOR*EV*ER to get a picture of Fat Squirrel in his chair.
and not even a good one ...
Cause here's the thing .
He doesn't really like the corn .
Funny , huh ?
He would rather eat the sunflower seeds from the bird feeders.
Go figure ....
He works hard at it too .
One day he was eating sunflower seeds off the ground
and Addie said ,
" look Grandma , a chipmunk ! "
Love that !
So ,
while most sane people are buying special feeders to keep the squirrels out ,
I'm just buying extra sunflower seeds ...
I'm just the crazy bird / squirrel lady of the Trailerhood  :)

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making a Fairy Garden

I am sure I have mentioned this before ,
but winter  is sticking around the Trailerhood
Since I can only dream about getting in my OUTDOOR garden,
I decided to make an INDOOR garden.
More specifically a Fairy Garden.
I was inspired by a trip to a local greenhouse.
I LOVE this greenhouse .
They have the SWEETEST lady working there .
Her name is Jean and she also has a KILLER hosta garden .
( which I am really hoping to share with you this summer )
We go there quite often on Wednesdays.
Friend Kathy loves the showroom and home d├ęcor
( her tastes aren't on the junky side like mine )
but Addie and I love to hang out in the greenhouse !
They have an extensive variety of plants specifically for Fairy Gardens.
and accessories,
Addie especially loved the Pixie Dust .
Imagine that.
I have sparkles everywhere !
Although she's not quite sure why everything doesn't fly when she sprinkles it.
Maybe someone from Disney could explain that to her ,
cause this Grandma DID NOT have that answer .
Jean has such a talent for making Fairy Gardens .
She even gives classes.
I loved they way she had the little vine growing around the gazebo.
I was so inspired that Addie and I picked out three plants
and went home to make one.
I already had some accessories I wanted to use .
How cute are these ?
Even the plant tags are named for fairies .
First ,
since the container I wanted to use didn't have drainage,
I filled the bottom with SMALL pebbles .
then a light potting mix
and my little fairy plants.
I choose and Irish Moss ( one of my favs ),
a Persian Chocolate Plant ,
and a Blue Star Creeper.
Next I added the "extras".
Really, this is what makes the garden special.
I found my little " Buddha Fairy " at a store called Seed
in Des Moines.
If you like plants , garden , whimsy ,
you MUST visit Seed !
From the minute I walked in , I felt the magic of the place .
It was all the girls could do to get me out of there !
The crystal rock came from our trip to Arkansas a little while back.
We drove through a section of Arkansas that was famous for crystal mining .
I love it !
The great thing is this little garden can transition to the outdoors,
when it ever gets warm enough !
To see the post on the Mini/ Fairy Garden I made last summer ,
go HERE and Here .
Here's hoping Spring arrives SOON !
I SO need to dig in the dirt !
Hubby has some great poop-dirt at the farm to add to the raised beds.
They are going to be AWE*SOME this year !
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Making Home's New Home

Last week was a very busy week .
Not only did I get a brand new grand daughter ,
which meant Addie spent a couple nights with us,
but we also moved our booth at the Brass Armadillo.
I loved , loved, loved our other booths ,
but there was a roof problem...
they have tried and tried to fix it ,
but it just keeps leaking ,
What a mess .
A new one became available just across the aisle
( where there is NOT a leak )
We moved.
If you are a visitor of Making Home's booth or have not visited and want to ,
( really , what are you waiting for ??? )
We are SO easy to fine.
When you walk in the front door ,
just keep walking .
We are the next to last booth on the right hand side .
You can still see our colorful booth from the front door :)
Still full of color .
I discovered when we were moving ,
I have been doing a lot of aqua pieces lately .
and I have a LOT of pink ...
and yellow ....
Hubs had to do a little construction
( see the upper shelf with the chairs ?  Yep , he built that )
He's pretty amazing .
Really .
I also had to paint ...
Oh well , it's what I do,  right  ?
You can also find more pictures of the new booth and inventory on our
Pictures there are courtesy of my bestie Rhonda.
We seriously wouldn't have gotten it all together without her .
( at least not without doing bodily harm to each other )
And by the way ,
when you visit our FB page,
feel free to "like" it , share it , tell me you were there .
I appreciate it !
MUCH !!!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meet Baby Alaina

Wednesday was the first day of spring.
I'm sure you were all aware of that .
I was too .
However ,
 I think Mother Nature forgot.
Here in the frozen tundra of the boonies,
winter doesn't want to give up.
We had a snow storm last Monday and
we are scheduled to get hit with another 1-2 inches tomorrow.
We had a drought last summer ,
so I really shouldn't complain about the moisture.
And not to sound picky or anything,
But I would rather a 70 degree rain
than freezing rain and snow .
Fussy , I know.
Just can't help it.
But ,
the first day of spring did bring new life to my family.
On March 20 at 7:37 am ,
 my second grand daughter was born .
Weighing in at 8 pounds 3 oz !
Isn't she just A*DOR*A*BLE !
Addie has been so excited for her new baby sissy .
We have been playing with her baby dolls and changing diapers for WEEKS !
She is such a good little Mommy !
And she is going to be a GREAT Big Sister !
Things have changed SO much since I had my babies,
they have such cool gadgets now.
 I think one of the best is the Boppy Pillow!
Addie can safely hold baby sissy .
( although there is always an adult close by , duh )
I just wanted you all to meet my precious new grand daughter.
Alaina Jean
with Proud Auntie Emily Jean .

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