Monday, September 26, 2011


It was a cold , rainy , yucky day here in Northeast Iowa. I have been lazy, lazy, lazy all day ! I decided to make a list of things I MUST get done this week and if I make it known , then maybe , just maybe , I will accomplish them.

#1 . REMOVE all of the "stuff" sitting all over my kitchen, dining, and living room that needs to go to the store. I'm tired of my home looking like a flea market ! I need to find a way to organize all of our "finds" until they are ready to go to the store and my living room is NOT the place to store them.
#2. REORGANIZE  the guest room. It has become a catch -all for smaller treasures and half finished projects also for the store .....GEEZ...I'm seeing a pattern here.
#3. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN . My dust bunnies have been breeding like rabbits and those cobwebs in the corners are NOT Halloween decorations ! Speaking of which....
#4. CONTINUE with the Fall decorations. I got off to a small start last week ( see Antlers and Acorns ) but have much,  MUCH, more to do. I am hosting a bridal shower for my niece- to -be  AND having a " girlfriends" party at the end of the month and my house is far from ready for the festivities !
Am I getting an of this done ?..... Well no, not really.... I have however found some great inspiration on Pinterest. LOVE , LOVE, LOVE,  this site . What a great way to waste time .... get inspiration from other people.
Here are some Halloween/ Fall ideas I plan to put my own spin on :
LOVE this !
Perfect for my front step.

Love this idea. I have a perfect birdbath for this !

Defiantly going to do a version of this display in the entry. Picked up crows at the Dollar Store the other day , already have similar containers and plenty of spiders, just have to find some hedge apples....Hmmm

Last but not least. I love this vase. Super easy and I have everything to put it together.  Beautiful  example of an all natural display !

Now just to get off my lazy bum and accomplish something .....I'll keep you posted !

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  1. Beautiful arrangement. Can you tell me what the items are that are the base of the vase? What does the arrangement sit in. I can't tell from the pictures.

    You need a professional organizer. I am your woman!!!


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