Monday, September 12, 2011

My Summer Home

My " Summer Home" is not a Cape Cod on Martha's Vineyard , or a condo on Hilton Head or even a cabin on Lake Millie Lacs , it's a park trailer on the Turkey River in Cleremont , Ia.
It's nothing fancy , but over the last 10 years it has saved my sanity more than once. It's the place hubby and I hang out most every weekend from mid April through mid October. We have made some of  our closest friends here and it's like having a whole other neighborhood , just for the summer.We have cocktails on Friday night, potlucks on holiday weekends, and a HUGE beanbag  tournament ( at which I am terrible and I am sure whoever is lucky to enough to be my partner just cringes ) on Labor Day.
It's my little slice of Heaven. Here is the view my my deck .
Beautiful , huh? It's my favorite place in the world to curl up with a book or hang out with my family .
Now just because it IS a camper , I don't really consider our weekends "camping". We have all the comforts of our "real" home. Comfy furnishings, cable and even wi-fi ! Is it  any wonder I love it here ?
This is our " great room ". And trust me , on a rainy weekend , it is a GREAT room to have.
One of the most important things about making a home to me is having family around. Our trailer on the Turkey is one of those places family wants to visit again and again. Our kids bring their friends , our nieces from all over the country try to fit in time at the trailer when they are home.
 Our trailer on the Turkey has everything that makes a home for me, family , friends, plants and stuff , just on a smaller scale .
Thanks for going on a little tour of my Summer Home, our little piece of paradise way out there in the woods ( not really , it's on the RIVER ) . But it is fun and there is always something going on here in the "Trailerhood".

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