Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wordless ( almost) Wednesday with Addie .... and Week 2 of C25K

I know today isn't Wednesday.
I couldn't get my stupid blog to work last night.
What was up with that?
Pretend it's Wednesday ... OK ?

I ran (jog/walked) in the SNOW !
I was afraid I was gonna slip and break a hip ...
But I ran ( well , walk/jog ) anyway and I didn't slip.

By the time I was done with my shower,
the snow had stopped and was all melted !
Go figure....

My little Princess was also out of sorts.
It was just THAT kind of day!

She did let me get a couple pictures.
She said "nothing to play with Grandma"
And I said " you have TONS of toys to play with Addie"
She decided to draw on the chalkboard.

Colorful swirls....

The artist and her work.

We had to drag all of her "baby" toys out of the closet !
I said " Addie why are you being so difficult"
She said " I not difficult, YOU difficult"
Does a two year old even know what difficult means?
I'm pretty sure this one does.
Hurricane Addie hits the Trailerhood.
Damages still being assessed.....

Stay tuned for today's " Thirsty Thursday" post.
Unless it doesn't happen till Friday....

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