Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Red Sofa

My friend called me last week and wondered if she could store HALF of a sofa at my store ( ReStyle ).
That's right , just half of it.
She is the Drama instructor at our Middle School and she bought this for a prop.
I had absolutley no idea what to expect.

When the custodians delivered it to me , I couldn't believe my eyes.
I text her ~
 OMG , your couch has arrived. How do you find this stuff AND we may have to arm wrestle for it !

She text me back ~
You haven't even seen the coolest part !


You're dying to see it , aren't you ?

 Ok , I know this picture isn't that exciting.
I took it with my phone and no matter how I try , I can't get it turned right side up !
Please stand on your head to see the awesomeness of it .
Trust me , it's worth it.

This close up is much better .
( I have no idea why it is right side up )

Look at the detail in the carving!
It is in absolutely immaculate condition !
Not worn  or faded .
Not a single spring sagging.

Can you tell I am in L*O*V*E with this sofa ??? !!!!
And I haven't even seen the coolest part....
 ( and I probably won't )
I'm pretty sure I can take her in arm wrestling !

My guess is this sofa is from the 40's.
That's just a guess .
I based that on the style of carving around the ENTIRE base and sides !
Anyone have any better idea?

We have been trying to guess it's origins.
( My friend found it at the local thrift store )
I think it had to be in a dark ( fabric is not ONE BIT faded ),
formal parlor / living room , rarely sat upon ( not A SINGLE saggy part ).

Some of my members HATE it ,
Some of my members LOVE it ( me included ).

Either way ,
it sure has been a conversation piece around here !

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  1. it is certainly a conversation piece. The carved wood work is lovely. Hugs

  2. The furniture arrived quickly and was in good condition. The cushioins were confortable and felt thick- no worries about sinking to the bottom as some noted. It is important to note that this type of outdoor "wicker" is more like strapping and not a plastic version of old-fashioned wicker. I decided this was not for me and the Ohana Company was quick in responding and helped me get the boxes returned to them and provided me a prompt refund. When ordering furniture on-line, I think good customer service is a key element. Thank you Ohana for all of your help.

  3. My fiance and I were looking to replace our old futon and wanted something affordable and not to large to fit into our apartment. This was a great option for us because it was easy to assemble and is versatile. We like having different seating options, being able to both kick our feet up, or even use the ottoman as a spare seat for visitors. Our pets have established their own spots on the small sofa too, so our whole family is enjoying the new sofa. The faux leather is believable and the microfiber is comfortable. It looks more modern and was a nice upgrade.

  4. small sofa Pillows are on stiff side but I like things firm in terms of sitting and laying down so this is ok for me. If taken care of should last 3-5 years no problem. What you see in the photo is really what you get and its even a little bigger than I thought (I didn't take the time to actual use the measurements to get a visual) so was pleasantly surprised.


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