Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crazy Family Holidays.... LOVE them

Happy Easter Everyone !
We are kind of a dysfunctional non traditional family.
We had our Easter get together yesterday ( Saturday ).
No traditional ham or egg bake brunch for us.
We had a fish fry.

Ya know, years ago , that may have driven me crazy.
Back in the day when I thought family holidays were supposed to be more Ozzie and Harriet than the Osbornes.
When I tried to plan a beautiful table scape.
You know , all Martha Stewart like.
But the centerpiece always got in the way.
And real dishes have to be washed, not just thrown away.
And after several glasses of wine ,
NO ONE in my family wants to do dishes !

I woke up a bit matured since then.
It took me years of disappointment to realize it's not how the gathering looks that is important,
it's who you spend it with.
We were only missing a few family members yesterday,
which is pretty good considering the "kids" are now adults with lots of other "perfect" family gatherings to attend.

This was the first year in a long time we had a "kids" table !
I had a lot of fun with that.
Although it was almost a bomb too.
We have a 2 1/2 year old , a 1 1/2 year old and a ( forgive me Jasmyn , I don't remember ) 7 or 8 year old.
All girls.
The little ones were sitting on their Mom's laps eating.
I thought , well , that table I scrambled to make was a total waste of time....
but then the next thing I knew ,
they had all discovered it and were sitting there happily eating at their own little table :)
( Of course , no picture ... wine remember ... )
Trust me , it was C*U*T*E !
PLUS ... I have to find more chairs for my kids table !
Two , that's right TWO of my nieces announced they are expecting in the fall.
Our family is expanding rapidly !

We may not be the Waltons ( or even close )
And I'm pretty sure Martha would have a heart attack looking at my table and buffet.
But my crazy family puts the FUN in DYSFUNCTIONAL !
And I wouldn't have it any other way !
Yep, that's the Crazies...
Beautiful table huh?
I didn't even try to disguise it with a table cloth....

More highlights~
Huntin for eggs...
OK Ryan didn't hid them well....
but we have LITTLE hunters.
And it rained..
Addie wasn't sure about picking up wet eggs.
But she caught on.
Quick !

"My" had to hold the basket.
Addie was too busy huntin`.

Jackpot !
Well, kinda...
 I think she was disappointed there was no chocolate.
I put quarters in the eggs.
When Addie was opening her eggs she said , " money....AGAIN."...sigh..
That kid cracks me up !

I hope all of you had a blessed Easter !
I know I sure did!

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  1. Looks like a great time to me! We had a fish fry too! (My mother-in-law was horrified at the break in tradition!) I'm pretty sure Martha would have been horrified at my table too...but we sure had a great time!

  2. I'm happy for you that you are "letting go" because I know it's not easy! So, the table wasn't perfect, but the smiles more than make up for it!


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