Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 Crisis and ... my Wednesday with Addie

Yesterday was Wednesday.
My favorite day of the week.
My day with my darling baby girl.
She isn't a baby though and she will tell you in no uncertain terms!
" Addie a big girl Grandma! " she tells me.
And she is right .
She's is getting so grown up . ( 2 1/2 )
What a little helper she is turning out to be too.

She loves her swing ( which I posted about a couple weeks ago )
We spent quite a bit of time swinging.
I was trying to sing  to her  ( trying being the operative word here )
Just a Swingin' , remember that old song.
If not , don't worry about it , I just dated myself there.
Anyway , she wasn't impressed...

Finally I got her out of the swing with a bribe of BUBBLES !

It was so windy , all you had to do was hold the wand up and a million bubbles went floating on the air !
I not sure who had more fun , Addie or me .

She kept saying , " darn wind "

 We defiantly had crazy wind hair !
Good thing I wasn't in the pictures..
It was bad !

Then we planted some flowers.
I know ...
It's Iowa and only the beginning of April.
I know better.
But I just couldn't help my self !
I bought some violas at Kmart.
Violas are tough little guys , so even though it is supposed to get in the 30's tonight, I think they will be fine.
If not .... I did know better.
Anyway I potted them and Addie watered them.
No pictures, my hands were dirty.
And let's just say they were watered REALLY well.
I should have been paying closer attention.
Like I said , Violas are tough little things....
And they look soooo much better on my farm table than those silk hydrangeas I put there.

You know how I can tell none of my really close friends read my blog ?
If they did , I would have had TONS of comments when they saw the post with the silk flowers.
I am NOT a fan of silk flowers to say the least.
But it was too cold here for any thing else.
So I broke my own rule.
NO silk flowers outside !
It drives me CRAZY...
So now I won't drive myself crazy...
The silk hydrangeas have been replaced by REAL , living ( for now ) Violas !

We also planted a white Bleeding Heart in the Moon Garden.
I'm sure it will be fine.
It was quite a chore keeping Addie from picking the "hearts" off the Bleeding Heart !
She said " look Grandma , hearts . Addie LOVES hearts!"
And I said " look Addie ... dandelions ! "
Crisis averted ...

Have I told you Addie loves chalkboards as much as I do ?
She found my Wine Cork Chalkboard , well it wasn't really hiding, it was leaning against the wall because I haven't done anything with it yet....
Anyway , instead of writing on it , she wanted to pull the corks off...
Nope, not gonna happen ,  those took me too much time to glue on .
I got her chalkboard out and gave her a container of wine corks....
Most people's grandchildren play with building blocks ....
 Not mine, mine play with wine corks.....
Another crisis averted.

To round out our crazy eventful day...
We dyed Easter Eggs !
Emily loves to dye eggs. ( I really mean that , seriously , she does )
 And Sarah got there in time for the craziness fun.

The blue dye was in front of Addie.
We had a LOT of blue eggs.
And she had really blue fingers....

But...I wrapped a towel around her to save her clothes.
Smart Grandma , huh?

"My" ( Emily ) likes to put designs on her eggs with crayon.
When I said we were going to use food coloring instead of one of those kits with the pellets,
 she said,
" but Mom, then we won't have the crayon to make designs with "
 ( this is my 22 year old speaking )
I took the white crayon from Addie's crayon can .
( that's right, can , not box , we're odd , remember? )
Crisis #3 averted...
Beautiful , huh ?

Wednesdays are wonderful !
( Seriously , I mean that too .)
If I wasn't sarcastic all the time, I wouldn't have to put those disclaimers in , right?

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  1. I adore violas~ I love seeing their cheery faces! It's been unseasonably warm so ours are almost done unfortunately. Happy Easter :)

  2. I want to plant flowers too and I am frightened they will be frozen off. And I even live in a better planting "zone" than you. (Surprised that I know that). Almost bought "deck" boxes this weekend and planted away....but restrained myself.

    Love reading about your Wednesdays......Miss you......and I hope to aspire being an amazing grandma that has wine corks for her grandkids to play with! I think I better start collecting.......Not a problem I am sure!

  3. Your pictures reminded me of coloring eggs with my wonderful you get to do it with your grand also!!
    Came over to visit from Liz's....have a Blessed Easter!

  4. What a fun Post! I hope you will consider adding a link back to Fresh-Cut Friday....

    Thanks for sharing your post for Fresh-Cut Friday! :) I'm so glad you did! I hope you have a Blessed Easter weekend.



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