Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dream Bedroom

I used to have dreams of one of those romantic master bedrooms.
You know the kind with the reading nook,
<3 reading nook

My spot... reading reading reading ♥


and piles of gorgeous pillows
Romantic bedrooms vdevors

pillows pillows pillows

pillows, pillows, pillows

 and beautiful displays on the dresser....
Pinned Image

Dressing tables

Well, my master bedroom will never make an issue of Romantic Home.
That's for sure.

As for that reading nook,
I have a fabulous ratty shabby chic chair
 ( right now covered with piles of laundry begging to make it to the closet)
 with a pile of books next to it.
But mostly I read in the living room on my Kindle ( or my laptop ) while the Hubs watches TV.

I had fantastic pillows, but mostly they ended up on the floor.
(Unless it was one of those rare days when the bed actually got made. )
Otherwise I would trip over them on one of my nightly trips to the bathroom.
Who knew throw pillows could be hazardous to your health ?
Apparently men , cause they hate them.

Occasionally, when I actually clean my bedroom I have wonderful vignettes on my dresser,
  (and nightstand and various tables I tend to collect)
I have beautifully framed photos of my family,
pottery bowls filled with bangles,
artfully displayed jewelry that I never wear,
you know... dresser stuff.
But then after a few days  hours,
it gets covered up by papers , magazines , a stray pair of socks...

Pinned Image
Do people really have bedrooms like this ?
Not in my world they don't .
But isn't that bed DELISH?
And I am really loving that ottoman !

Is your bedroom your peaceful oasis ?
In your dreams or in reality?
I really would love to know.

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  1. Hi Dawn, I love the piles of pillows! Makes the rooms feel so inviting! Great selection of photos! Thanks for sharing
    Rebecca @

  2. Great inspiration! My mother and sister have rooms that are always kept just so. So yes, I guess there are those that really do have bedrooms like that but I guess I'm more like you we live in it too much! Lol! Thanks for linking up to Party Time at So Very Creative!

  3. My bedroom is pretty but a bit of reality with a few piles of laundry, kind of spoils the look! Here is to dream bedrooms and beautiful gardens. Hope it warms up there soon, thanks for stopping by, Laura


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