Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I wanted to do one more fall arrangement.
I wanted to do a tablescape.
I wanted to finish a chair restyle I started A*MONTH*AGO !
Did I do any of those things?
Uh.... that would be a big NO ....
My only excuse ... LAZINESS

I am basically a lazy person .
I readily admit that.
I seem to be a little worse this week.
I don't know if my last two crazy weekends have caught up with me or if it is the emotional roller coaster I've been on.....
Whatever.....time to snap out of it.
I promise some new and amazing projects soon !

I haven't been a complete slug ( just a half slug)
I've been pinning some ideas for Em's new house.
That's right , I'm a Pinterest addict!
I rearranged most of the store today, put up a Christmas display and a lot of new consignments that came in.
So....enough of my whining !

Yesterday was my daughter-in-laws birthday.
We are very fortunate to have her in our family.
She's been with us so long,  it's like she's my own child.
My son started "going out" with her in the 8th grade .
Wish I had one of those pictures to post !
I'll post these instead.

P.S. I made these wedding flowers too!

5 years ago

One of my favorite pictures EVER!

Cool Cats

We all love Mommy!

My son and his beautiful girls!

Credit for most of these photos goes to my dear friend Nichole Priebe.
Although when that first wedding picture was taken , we had only met once before.
She has been with this little family since the beginning!

Happy birthday daughter Sarah!

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  1. I have been terrible at following! Lots going on... Thanks SO much for the birthday wishes mama Dawn! We love you!!


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