Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bye Bye Beloved Halloween......

Happy November !
I am leaving tomorrow morning for convention and since I have Addie today , I thought I would change up some of my decorating tonight.
Time to say goodbye to Halloween and gear up for THANKSGIVING.

I started with the Halloween tree.
Bye Bye witches , jack-o-lanterns and bats.
Hello pumpkins and gourds.

I broke out the cloches.
 I LOVE putting things under glass.

Added some new printables.
Courtesy of The Creative Paije.
Isn't it ADORABLE !
Thank you Paije for sharing your talent !
I love printables. Super cheap (free, except for ink and paper) and fun.

Another printable and some pumpkins.
Unfortunately, I can't remember which site I got this one from :(
I need to book mark better !
I am going to try to make another one soon , but it so much easier to use others talent, especially when I'm in a hurry !

Moving on to the entry.
Gone are the black and white pumpkins , crows and spiders.

Notice I have a thing for pears?
It all started with the paintings above the credenza.
They were painted by a friend of mine years ago. They were part of a series she did.
These are called , "a-pear", dis-a pear", re-a-pear".
Awesome, huh?
So the pear obsession began.
So , I stuck some under cloches
Em thinks it's weird , but again, I love putting things under glass.
I had more cloches but SOMEBODY broke some last Christmas season.
I'm not mentioning any names ( hubby)...

Not sure I really like all the moss.
And it wasn't easy getting all those little pears under the cloche !

Mini- cloche.

There it is .
The switch over .
Bye Bye Beloved Halloween...
Till next year .

I'm Linking the post to the Cloche Party at A Stroll thru Life.
Check it out !

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  1. How fun. I love the tree and your ability to change things around. All of your vignettes are lovely. The pears and the cloches are fabulous. I so agree, cloches are so much fun. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, marty

  2. Love the pears. I don't have any cloches and I'm really starting to like what can be done with them. thanks for sharing you ideas.


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