Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday with Addie ...and a couple little projects

Have I mentioned how GREAT our weather has been lately?
I know I have cause it has been HEAVENLY!
50's in January in Iowa !

So anyway....
 I took advantage of the weather this past weekend and finished a couple spray painting projects that I started QUITE* A* WHILE ago!

The first one was this step stool.
I'm really short.
And I was tired of dragging a chair to the kitchen to reach ANYTHING !
But it was gray and dirty and overall yucky.

Finished ( well, mostly) project.

You know I love lime :)

I also finished a chair for the store.

Painted aqua , then painted ivory.
Distressed a little ( maybe not enough)
I covered the seat with a pillow sham I found at GW.

Isn't she cute?

Speaking of cute .....
No, I don't have her locked up.
Silly Grandma got her a mini-trampoline for Christmas.
Silly cause it's still at MY house and not hers.
But she LOVES it !
So who cares that it takes up half of my dining room?
Not me. Not Papa either .
She likes to zip herself in :)

Her sheep had to jump too.
( It's really a pink and white poodle, but she calls it " Addie's sheep")

Now we are having our first Winter Storm of the season.
( it was 41 degrees earlier today)
Oh well, I knew it was impossible to have that fantastic weather continue till spring.
But you can't blame a girl for hoping !

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