Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wine Cork Letters

Quite a while ago I "pinned" a project that used left over wine corks to make a monogram.
One of the many  "pins" I hadn't gotten around to yet.
for the wine lover: wine cork letter
via MyMamaMaria   on Pinterest

Today Sis and I went on a little shopping trip.
Really, what shopping trip is complete without a stop at HobbyLobby?
Anyhoo... in addition to the "needs" on my list, I found this "G".

It's like cardboard or something lightweight like that.
And the price was right ~ $2.47

Time to create.
 I took a bunch of these~

I seem to have quite a few for some reason :)
Not sayin why...

Notice the jar in the background?
Yeah, I have a few of those....
We'll just say I didn't have to buy any.
But I'm told you can if you need to.

I laid the letter on it's back and proceeded to fit the corks together like a puzzle.
It didn't look quite right to me.
So I checked out Pinterest again.
But my "pin" and all the rest I looked at had the cork "butts" showing.
You know what I mean?
If not , check the top picture , you'll get it.

Anyhoo.... that's not what I wanted.
I like the graphics on my corks and wanted them to show.
Sometimes it's just the name of the wine , or the vineyard, but sometimes it's more.
So ...
 after wasting a bunch of time looking for a tutorial on how to make a Wine Cork Letter and not finding what I was looking for , I decided to wing it !
I wing it a lot !

Now , if you have a letter with straight lines , like a L or M, it wouldn't be too hard.
I have a G and I wasn't sure how to make the curves look good.
Every women wants her curves to look good :)

Anyhoo (again)....
I winged it.

Here we are half way through...

Finished G !

I know , some of the cardboard base shows,
but I like the pattern and the graphics show.
And when it's in it's new home on my shelf, you can't see it.

See ?
Oh, I forgot about THAT container of corks...

How about you ?

The one at the top that I "pinned", I traced it back to an etsy shop.
The price ?
$65 .
My price ?
Approximately $2.50.
Now remember, I didn't have to buy corks:)
So the letter ($2.47 + tax) and a little hot glue !
Good enough for this girl!

via on Pinterest

Ever feel like this ?
I do.
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Not yet an obsessed Pinterest user?
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  1. Love your letter and your wine signs. I have a corner in my kitchen dedicated to wine decor. I might have to borrow your sign ideas :) Visiting from DIY Home Sweet Home

  2. Lookin good GARBES! Now I will leave a D with you and see what happens.

  3. This is so cool! I would love for you to link up to our party

  4. Your letter 'G' looks great! I too have lots of corks! Funny, huh!!

  5. This came out great!! TFS!! Stopping by from More the Merrier Monday linky party and your newest follower here and on Pinterest. BTW, I have a ton of corks too LOL

    Here is what I shared this week:

  6. Seriously I love this, I always have an abundance of wine corks around because we are a wine loving family. What a very creative way to use wine corks. Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  7. Seriously I love this, I always have an abundance of wine corks around because we are a wine loving family. What a very creative way to use wine corks. Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  8. Wow...$65?? You save a bundle and it turned out really cute.

  9. This is so cool! I love how you used the corks on their sides. Thanks for the tip on Olive Garden. I am so calling them after I write this!


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