Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Trip Around the Sun

This is the eve of my 47th birthday.
That's right ,
I am so close to fifty I can taste it.

I know it's a big deal to some ,
but it's never been to me.
It's just a number.
I've always intended to grow old gratefully
( gracefully would be impossible for me )

Tonight I went to see Rock of Ages.
Not the Broadway play
( which I have also seen and is fantastic by the way )
but the big screen adaptation.
Tom Cruise , Alec Baldwin , Russel Brand .

I have to say I was very sceptical.
I have not been a Tom Cruise fan for quite a while.
( probably since the 80's )
And I really couldn't picture Alec Baldwin in the role of Dennis.
But Russel Brand always cracks me up , so I gave it a shot.

If you haven't seen it or the play,
the premise is ,
 small town girl and boy ( cue a song ) go to the big city to be rock stars and end up working in a bar that the city is trying to tear down .
They fall in love amidst Bon Jovi , Journey, Whitesnake and REO songs.
Then there is the wacked out rock star ( Tom Cruise , who I have to admit is wacked out enough to play the part well ) , his sleazy promoter , the bar owner ( Baldwin ) and his side kick ( Brand).

I think Cruise channeled his own wacked out persona and mixed it with a little Lestat the vampire and I guess he was perfect in a really creepy way ( still not a fan ).

The young stars ( Sherry and Drew ) were played by Julianne Howe ( Dancing with the Stars ) and Diego Boneta . They did a very good job.

But the real stars of this movie was the music.
There wasn't a 80's song left behind.
And if you are an 80's girl like me , the music will carry the movie.
It's starts at the opening scene with Night Ranger's Sister Christian and ends with Journey's Don't Stop Believing , and in between it's non stop music ( plus quite a bit of comedy ).

I laughed my ass off at Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand's duet  Can't Fight This Feeling.

Is it going to win any prestigious awards ?
Probably not.
But for this 80's girl on the eve of her 47th birthday it was just what I needed.
It took me back to the Glory Days ( no there was no Springsteen in the movie ).
Just plenty of feel good music and nostalgia.
 For me , it was a perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun .

What music or movie takes you back ?
I'd LOVE to hear them.

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  1. Well happy birthday to you my friend! You are so right about getting older! I doesn't phase me a bit. It's in your heart not your head! I will probably wait to see the movie on Netflix....since there's no Springsteen it in....really???? He is THE Boss after all. Enjoy your lovely day and do something special for yourself!


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