Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did I fall of the Face of the Earth??? Well, kinda

Hello Blog friends !
I know I have been MIA lately and I can't tell you how happy I was to know you missed me :)

I started blogging because friends were always asking me how I made things
or put displays together
or decorated things.
And they would say , " I could never do that. "
and I would say , " of course you can ! "

And so...
Making Home was born

But then something bad happened.
I started reading all these other amazing blogs and started to feel inadequate.
Then I read some not so great blogs that had WAY more "followers" than I had.
And I really felt inadequate.

So I went on a quest for "followers".
I linked to every party I could.
I joined every "blog hop ".
I " liked" pages and became a "follower " of pages I didn't even like just so they would "like" me back.
Sounds kinda " middle school" doesn't it?

Then quite a few "big" and "stressful" things happened in my life this last month
and I thought ...
F*** it .
I don't have time to blog and no one reads it anyway.

I guess I was wrong :)
I love that I got emails and FB messages wondering where I was.
It made me feel loved
and for some reason , I have this insane desire to be loved by everyone !
Just one aspect of my craziness...

I have been doing projects...
LOTS of projects !
I'm still a terrible photographer with a really cheap camera.
But photography doesn't really interest me.
Just making stuff and sharing it.

So I'm going to give you projects with bad pictures.
Hopefully entertain you with my wit and craziness
and just have fun.
You're going to see the "real" me .
As it should be

I may offend some people.
(I am pretty opinionated about certain things.)
I swear a lot ( not in front of Addie )
and I'm kinda weird.
I am too lazy to pretend anymore lol

But I'm OK with that and if you are too,
join me in my wacky world.

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I have actually been doing a lot of Pinterest projects !
So ,
stay tuned !
For the bad pictures and all !

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