Monday, August 13, 2012


Here's a little somethin'  somethin' I made while I was on my blogging hiatus.

I called it a garden bench
but it isn't really.
I wouldn't want that fabric out in the elements.
But it would be great on a porch ,
or entry,
or anywhere really.

My inspiration can from this pin ,

Pinned Image 
but  I had to track down the source.
The pin just said
Well, I knew Zuckerburg didn't make it
a little more digging was necessary.
I was lead to this facebook page.
  I feel it is VERY important to give credit where credit is due .

That was my inspiration but as you can tell by my first picture,
I had to switch it a bit .

I started with a set of chairs.
Hubs screwed them together for me.
He always shakes his head at my ideas ,
but I have to say ,
he was pretty impressed with the result of this one.

A little purple paint .
A board cut to fit across both chairs
( sorry no pictures of that step )
Some fabric and a little foam.
( again, no picture )
and walaa...

A purple chair bench ....

Notice the little bench in back ?
Yea, that will be another post :)

Oh yea, if you want to see my pin boards
maybe follow me,
go here ,

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1 comment:

  1. Dawn, I love it! What a great idea! I do think it would be great on a porch. Now I just need a porch!! Nice job!


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