Monday, August 20, 2012

Time to Harvest my Vineyard

OK , so I don't really have a VINEYARD ,
I have this ,

A long grape arbor along the back fence by the corn field.
I don't think they had been taken care of for quite a while before we bought this place.

As  I drink wine and don't make it ,
it's enough of a vineyard for me.

Today when I was mowing the lawn,
( for only like the forth time this summer ! )
I noticed the grapes were already ripe.
Most of them anyway.

Aren't they beautiful ?

I'm not sure how many years these vines have been here .
I think quite a while .
I believe they are good old fashioned Concord grapes.

Perfect for homemade jelly and juice.
I prefer jelly ,
but hubs LOVES fresh grape juice.
( I ,of course, prefer my grape juice fermented ! )

I suppose whoever picks them will get to choose how to use them .


Wonder if he'll go for that ?

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