Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bruschetta ( Trailerhood Version )

I mentioned the other day on FB ,that I had Bruschetta for lunch.
Trailerhood Bruschetta...
It is one of my go-to lunches when I am home by myself.
( if Hubs was here ,there would have to be more to lunch... )
Well... it is usually considered an appetizer.
I love Bruschetta and try it at most restaurants that offer it.
So light and yummy .
Perfect for a light lunch.
I start with some crusty bread .
I picked up a great baguette at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago with bruschetta in mind
and stuck it in the freezer.
Side note :
I do NOT live close to Trader Joe's :(
Remember , I live in the boonies...
But it is one of my FAVORITE stores to browse.
What is not to love ?
Cheap wine , fresh flowers ( also cheap ) , a great foods .
( foods not easily or inexpensively found in the boonies )
If I live close to Trader Joe's ,
I'd live on bread and cheese and cheap wine
and ALWAYS have fresh flowers on the table !
( Hubs probably wouldn't agree with that , but oh well... )
Back to Trailerhood Brushetta...
I have some beautiful , beautiful Roma tomatoes in my little garden.
I chopped some up .
Then I added some of these fabulous little orange cherry tomatoes.
( I think they are Golden Jubilee , not 100% sure )
a little chopped onion and basil...
Notice , no measurements ?
That's how I role here in the 'Hood.
Mix it all together .
Sometimes I add a little olive oil but I didn't this time.
Cause this time I spread cream cheese on the wonderful crusty bread.
If you don't like cream cheese,
 (#1 you're crazy , we in the 'Hood think it's a food group all it's own )
I would add a little olive oil.
Some fresh garlic is great too.
Just didn't have any on hand.
top the crusty bread with with the tomato mixture.
Top that with some freshly grated Parmesan or mozzarella cheese.
( or shredded in the package , which is a bit easier ).
put in a pre-heated oven ( 350 ) for 5 minutes or so ,
depending on how crunchy you want your bread.
This also works well as an appetizer with either red or white wine.
I love it with a Pinot Grigio , but it would go just as well with Pint Noir.
( in my NON-expert opinion )
Super simple.
Simply DELISH.
And a little classy, don't you think ?
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If you try it and enjoy it ,
let me know.
Or if you have your own variation , I'd love to hear it !
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  1. Well now I never would have thought of using cream cheese...but I will now! What a great idea! Oh...and will you make this when I come to drink wine with you?


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