Sunday, October 16, 2011

Twin Bed Becomes a Bench

I have had a bench in my garage for months. But before that , Ryan and Emily had it for a year or so. When they moved to their house, they didn't have room for it and asked if I wanted it . Hmmm..... dumb question. I never turn anything down and especially not something Ryan made.
I mentioned before they are quite the DIYers. This bench started out as a maple twin bed.

Hard to believe isn't it?
The back is the headboard and the sides are the foot board cut in half.
He added a board for a seat . WaaLaa!
I had it for a while before I painted it black. I thought it would be perfect in the mud room, and it is .
 I always wanted to make an upholstered seat for it , but what fabric to use ? Hmm...
Then on my first visit to the flip house, I found these

A pile of vintage drapes in what I will call Lemon & Lime.
Bad picture - Sorry - I really need to work on that !
Anyway... they were perfect !
Hubby doesn't even act surprised  anymore when I get excited about things like this . He just picked them up ( cause I wouldn't touch them ) and brought them home.
The fabric was in excellent shape which is a miracle in itself considering they were in a pile in a disgusting room surrounded by more disgusting stuff! Just needed a good laundering.
Here is my finished project. I am SO in love with it !

Isn't she pretty ?

Close up .

Other side. Bad lighting and photography :(

A little Halloween Bling!

I'm just so happy I finally got this project crossed off my list. I am so happy with how she turned out , I don't know why I didn't get it done sooner !
Oh yea, it's called PROCRASTINATION !

I got a few more projects started too , can't wait to show you those soon!

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  1. What a neat idea. They turned out great. Love the little throw pillow too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Love the bench! Found you via Debbiedoo's and now a new follower!

  3. What a beautiful bench. I found you and am now following you through Debbie's Newbie Party and hope to visit often. Please drop in and visit my blog also if you have time. I would love to have you. Hugs, Chris

  4. I think you are on to something here. This is a great re-purposed piece of furniture. You did a wonderful job. I'm glad I stopped by!


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