Monday, October 31, 2011

Copy Cat Challenge

The challenge - to find something in a magazine ( or online magazine) and copy it.
Easy peasy , cause that's where I get my best inspiration.
And thanks to Pinterest , it's so easy to keep track of.

This is also the last Halloween post of the year .
Anyway , all of my copy cats are from Better Homes and Gardens.

Loved this. But I didn't carve my pumpkin.

Hostas weren't looking so good . But the pumpkin is in the birdbath.

LOVE this !
I love the monogrammed pumpkins. But pumpkin variety was pretty slim around here this year.

One was good enough for me .

Now I consider this last one my very best copy cat of the Halloween season...
Although , I made two displays out of one idea .
The inspiration

Halloween - love the hedge apples !
I loved the hedge apples and the black & white & lime !

The copy cat(s)

No hedge apples... spray painted pumpkin....the next best thing

May not be the best copy cat . But Better Homes and Gardens never fail to inspire me .

Linking to :
Debbiedoo's Copy Cat Challenge


  1. They are awesome, not one not two but girl you were motivated for sure. This is so much fun. Have fun visiting some others. I thank you for joining in, and I look forward to next month.

  2. Liked your milk glass with the crows a fun combination! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. Will do the same. Laura - Cottage and Broome

  3. Great job. The milk glass is wonderful. You are very ambitious to create several. Good for you. A job well done. I am your newest follower. Please stop by....Linda


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